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Welcome to the Philip Avonds Scale Jets website! You will find detailed information on our line of products (jet kits, landing gear and scale accessories) and a lot of other information (competitions, nostalgia etc.). Have fun!



Please forgive me for the tone of this text. I ususally don't get publicly involved in politics but the crisis we are facing is so immensily underestimated at the time of this writing (March 16th, 2020), that I simply need to express my concerns about our future as human beings.

Aeromodelling is now the last of my worries. It should also be anyone else's last worry. We should now focus on staying alive and keeping others alive. The best way we can do that is by staying at home and reduce the number of contacts to the absolute minimum. Staying at distance from our beloved ones is the best expression of love we can show. Please follow that advice, you won't regret it!

Staying alive and keeping others alive is the name of the game. All the rest of the info on this website is of minimal importance compared to the above message...


End of kit production

Sadly, after 33 years of business, I have taken the decision to end production of my line of kits. This is due to all sorts of reasons, the most important one being health issues (don't worry, not life threatening). Production has already stopped completely on the F-16, the F-104 and both the old and the ARF F-15. I still have a few parts left to produce a very limited number of Rafale and Fouga Magister kits, so if you still want one, you need to order quickly!

I have not taken any firm decision with regard to the future. My preferred option is to keep all the tooling in order to guarantee the availability of spare parts, but I'm not sure this is viable in the long term. Another option is to sell the tooling of my models individually or all in one lot. I welcome all suggestions or inquiries.

This being said, I do not exclude that I pursue work on the Interceptor jet trainer. That project has suffered from slow progress in the last few years. Perhaps stopping the production of the scale jets will give me the chance and the motivation to finalize the project and start production of the Interceptor kit (in very limited quantities however).

Privacy Statement

Yes, our business also has to comply to the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR), so here is our Privacy Statement.


New jet trainer: Interceptor

You may have noticed the new jet in the row of pictures heading this website. It is our new jet, the Interceptor. A picture of the concept model is shown below. The Interceptor is a purpose designed jet trainer for the 90mm diameter class of turbines with thrust ranging from 60N to 100N. It will probably the best jet trainer ever. Whether the kit will enter production is not certain, see above. Read more...

Interceptor concept model in US NAVY livery


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Jet KitsDucted FansTurbinesConversion kitsOrdering infoPrice listAbout usLanding gearScale options

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