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Welcome to the Philip Avonds Scale Jets website! You will find detailed information on our line of products (jet kits, landing gear and scale accessories) and a lot of other information (competitions, nostalgia etc.). Have fun!


Privacy Statement

Yes, our business also has to comply to the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR), so here is our Privacy Statement.


New jet trainer: Interceptor

You may have noticed the new jet in the row of pictures heading this website. It is our new jet, the Interceptor. A picture of the concept model is shown below. The Interceptor is a purpose designed jet trainer for the 90mm diameter class of turbines with thrust ranging from 60N to 100N. It is probably the best jet trainer available today. Read more...

Interceptor concept model in US NAVY livery


For sale

We have opened up a new webpage with our second hand corner where we put things for sale. These can be brand new or second hand items, end of series items, surplus items etc. Read more...


Right now, we have this lovely Der Jet Vampire for sale

Sorry, sold

Jet kits

We have updated most of our kit descriptions, starting here.


Our jet kits are quite popular amongst EDF enthusiasts. As four of our jet kits (F-104, F-16, Old F-15 and Rafale) were designed initially for IC DF, they are also suitable for EDF. Read more...

New Price List

Now some less good news... Our price list remained unchanged for over a decade but the economic reality forces us to alter this policy. Prices are driven by material costs, production costs and labour costs and these have all gone up, so we must follow with a price increase on our products. The updated price list can be found here.


2015 Jet World Masters

The 2015 Jet World Masters are history now. Philip Avonds managed to capture 2nd place in the 13.5 kg class. Read more here.

Belgian Fouga Magisters at the 2015 JWM


2015 Top Gun

Congrats to Jack Diaz on his win at the 2015 Top Gun Invitational. Jack won every prize he could win at this event with his beautiful Fouga Magister built from our kit. He won 1st place Expert, High Static, Best Jet and Mr. Top Gun.

More info here.

Mr. Top Gun 2015 Jack Diaz (to the left)

Jack now also won the 2017 edition! Congrats to you Jack!



Custom builds

We have set up a new custom building service.  If you don't have the time, the skills and/or the infrastructure to build one of our kits, this may be a solution for you.


Own fibreglass production

We have relocated the production of the fibreglass components for our kits. This is now entirely done in house. The biggest advantage is that quality control is now better than ever before. A drawback is the limited production capacity. Our kits were never mass produced, so they will become even more exclusive now.


Fouga back in Beauvechain sky

In September 2007, Lt Col Paul Rorive made the last flight in a full size Fouga Magister serving for the Belgian Air Force at it's home base Beauvechain.  Five years later, this event was commemorated with a barbecue where I was invited to present my model Fouga Magister. It was an emotional moment for all the Fouga fanatics and especially for Paul, to see the Fouga perform again in the Beauvechain sky. Full report here with thanks to Serge Van Heertum.

Fouga slow flypast (photo Serge Van Heertum)

Fouga big and small (photo Tine Soetaert)

All these former full size Fouga pilots enjoyed the demo (photo Tine Soetaert)


Fouga 6-view scale drawings

Our 1/48 scale 6-view drawings are now available for download in PDF format (see copyright note below). They depict the Belgian Air Force version with the typical white painted aft canopy, the cooling scoops and air exit louvers. We honestly think these are the most accurate scale drawings of the Fouga ever published worldwide. Judge for yourself!

Note: these drawings are my intellectual property and are as such protected by EU copyright law. Duplication, processing, distribution, or any form of commercialization of these drawings beyond the scope of EU copyright law shall require my prior written consent.

Fouga Magister left and right views

Fouga Magister top and bottom views

Fouga Magister front and rear views

My drawings have been used as a basis for the drawings in the following book: Fouga Magister - An Irish Perspective by Joe Maxwell and Radu Brinzan.

    Fouga Magister - An Irish Perspective by Joe Maxwell and   Radu Brinzan

Furthermore, a new MMP book is released, which incorporates my own super detailed versions of the drawings available for download above. They also incorporate colour profiles based on the same drawings. The title of the book is Fouga Magister by Tine Soetaert.

Fouga Magister by Tine Soetaert

Finally, Airdoc published a new book on the Fouga in German services. It also incorporates my own super detailed drawings and colour profiles based on the same drawings. The title of the book is CM 170R Magister in German Services by Gerhard Lang.

CM 170R Magister by Gerhard Lang

A preview sample of my scale super detailed drawings can be seen on the following link:

Preview Fouga Magister 1/48 scale super detailed drawing

Fouga plastic scale models

I was involved in the development of several Fouga Magister plastic kits. Read more...

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