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Welcome to the Philip Avonds Scale Jets website! You will find detailed information on our line of products (jet kits, landing gear and scale accessories) and a lot of other information (competitions, nostalgia etc.). Have fun!


End of kit production

Sadly, after 35 years of business, I have taken the decision to end production of my line of kits. This is due to all sorts of reasons, the most important one being health issues (don't worry, not life threatening). Production has stopped completely on all kits as from May 2020, but read on...

Future availability

Rafale A availability

We have the pleasure to announce that we have reached a firm agreement with Adam Birmingham from the UK to take over the production of the Rafale A kits and associated accessories. Adam is very enthusiastic about assuring the supply of the Rafale model in the future. The tooling is being collected and he will shortly set up his business. His email address is

F-15 and F-16 availability

We also reached a firm agreement with Nello Nero from Switzerland to take over the production of the (old) F-15 and F-16A kits and associated accessories. Nello is very enthusiastic about assuring the supply of these two models in the future. He has collected all the tooling and is now in the process of setting up his business. You can contact Nello on the following email address:      


F-15C full composite availability

The tooling for the full composite F-15C was sold to Markus Lieb from Germany. He will be able to supply kits and spare parts in limited numbers in due time. His email address is:

Other kits

We are still looking for motivated persons interested in taking over the production of our other models: F-104G,  and Fouga Magister. Please do contact us if you're interested in continuing the production of these models.

Please also contact us if you're a modeller who wants to buy a kit (or anything else) in the near or the far future, so we can pass it on to future manufacturers. That will help them in setting up the production in the most efficient way to cater for the demand.

End of business sale

We have dedicated this webpage to our end of business sale. You will find a lot of items, not all specifically jet oriented but simple off the shelf hardware items which can be used for all kind of models.

You can benefit from discounts of up to 90%. Stock up at these super sale prices while you still can!

RCJI Magazine

We still have a large stock of Radio Control Jet International back issues. If you're looking for a particular back issue, please contact me on They sell for as low as 0,85 euro each (+ shipping costs, read here).

Privacy Statement

Yes, our business also has to comply to the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR), so here is our Privacy Statement.


New jet trainer: Interceptor

The Interceptor is a project on hold. Following the decision to stop production, development of this kit was stopped although it may be pursued in the future.

The Interceptor is a purpose designed jet trainer for the 90mm diameter class of turbines with thrust ranging from 60N to 100N. It will probably be the best jet trainer ever. Whether the kit will enter production is not certain, see above. Read more...

Interceptor concept model in US NAVY livery


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Jet KitsDucted FansTurbinesConversion kitsOrdering infoPrice listAbout usLanding gearScale options

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