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F-15C EAGLE for Turbine

This page covers the old F-15 kit. For the new F-15C ARF full composite, click here

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The F-15 EAGLE kit has become one of the most popular models for newcomers to jets. Many novice jet pilots have entered the Turbine scene with this simple scale model. As a trainer, the model requires only a standard 5 channel, 5 servo radio with a mixing function (taileron).

Please note that we now have developed the Interceptor as a better alternative for an entry level jet model. It is better than the F-15 in almost every aspect ;-)


F-15 as simple scale trainer


Of course this jet can be upgraded with a variety of scale options to satisfy the most demanding scale modeler.


F-15 with scale options: 1/9 scale pilot, airbrake, gear doors etc.


Wings and stabs are easily removable for transport: no need to disconnect any air lines or servo extension wires. The excellent slow speed handling allows the model to be flown from smaller (grass) fields.


About to touch down with airbrake deployed in a perfect landing attitude!


We have two dedicated Turbine versions. Kit PA130 is suitable for Turbines from 50 up to 100 N (12 to 22 lbs) of thrust and kit PA120 is suitable for Turbines from 100 up to 160 N (22 to 37 lbs) of thrust. Both kits are substantially reinforced with carbon in strategic areas, while the PA120 kit is even further reinforced to cope with the higher thrust.


A rudder installation kit (PA192) is available separately (required in the US by AMA).


Note that we were the very first to manufacture a successfull R/C jet kit for the F-15. This model is in production since 1987 with many improvements incorporated over the years. So if you want the very best flying R/C F-15 jet model anywhere in the world, this one is for you.

Please specify type of Turbine you wish to install when ordering

F-15 price list




Length:   2160 mm (85 inches)
Wingspan:   1450 mm (57 inches)
Weight:   9,5 kg (21 lbs)
Suitable Thrust Class:   Kit PA130:   50 to100 N (12 to 22 lbs)
  Kit PA120:   100 to 160 N (22 to 37 lbs)



Kit contents

(general kit info on Jet Kits page)

For info on the F-15C ARF full composite version, click here


  • carbon reinforced, gel-coated epoxy glass main fuselage and nose

  • gel-coated epoxy glass intake liners, bypass duct and main hatch

  • high density foam flying surfaces balsa sheeted and carbon reinforced

  • vacformed clear canopy and black plastic cockpit deck

  • vacformed plastic scale detail set

  • CNC routered plywood and balsa parts

  • balsa leading edge and trailing edge stock

  • stainless steel bifurcated tailpipe

  • ceramic felt tailpipe insulation material

  • complete fuel tank system

  • complete hardware package including wheels

  • full size plans

  • photo illustrated detailed manual

Note: the moulds for this F-15 model are aging resulting in some cracks in the corners which show up in the finished epoxy/fibreglass components. The structural integrity is not affected, only cosmetics. We do not intend to invest in new moulds, so please accept that the cosmetics of the fibreglass components in this kit is not as good as in our other kits.



F-15 landing gear

  • RB630-OLD Robart #630 retracts set complete with pneumatics

  • PA509 Scale oleo strut set

  • PA506 F-15C  wheels & brakes set (including all pneumatics)

  • PA507 Scale main wheel hub covers

  • PA508 Scale brake hub covers

  • PA155 Complete gear doors set with full pneumatic support accessories

F-15 scale and other accessories

  • PA191 CNC machined Head Up Display (HUD)

  • AC031 1/9 scale full body pilot (unpainted)

  • AC015 TOP GUN pilot bust (painted)

  • PA165 Centreline droptank with plan to construct pylon

  • PA181 Dorsal airbrake set (incl. all pneumatics, not for Ducted Fan F-15)

  • PA182 CNC machined scale grilles set

  • PA160BT Waterslide decal set (BITBURG USAFE F-15)

  • PA199 Photo documentation (18 prints) for Bitburg F-15

  • PA160FF Waterslide decal set (1stTFW USAF F-15)

  • PA192 F-15 rudder installation kit

  • PA193 12 V cooling fan assembly for Turbine F-15

F-15 Photo Gallery

click on photos to enlarge
F-15 loaded with options by Patrick Saenen, USA
F-15 "Bicentennial World Tour" by Marc Thienpont, Belgium
Fantasy "sport" scheme by Mark Leavesley, UK
Japanese camouflaged F-15 by Jim Exon, UK
"Streak Eagle" record setting F-15 by Hans Van Dongen, The Netherlands
F-15 by Friedrich Reitz, Germany

"Bicentennial" F-15 by Patrick De Mol, Belgium
F-15 in Japanese camo scheme by Andy Sheldon, UK

Another Japanese F-15 by Masashi Tahara, Japan
Stunning paintscheme on this Japanese F-15 by Gerald Stewart, Australia

Excellent workmanship on this USAF F-15 by Craig Brooks, Australia
Lots of rivets on this F-15 by Anders Wikman, Sweden

Nice inflight shots of this F-15 loaded with armament by Don Winn, USA
In the snow: F-15 belonging to Erich Vogeler, Alaska, USA
Lance Campbell, USA, demoed his F-15 in front of the full size Thunderbirds!
Rob Bloor from the UK, has a weak spot for this Japanese colour scheme
Frank Laguda from Australia can be proud of his beautiful F-15!
Berto Bos from Holland enjoying his F-15
Mark Basel from the USA repainted his F-15 in these striking colours

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F-15 landing gearF-15 scale options

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