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No longer available, this page for information only


We don't normally stock Turbines but as a service to our customers, Turbines to match our jet kits can be ordered through us. We sell them at the manufacturers suggested retail prices and we will help you out with servicing should this be required. Some of our own demo and competition models are equipped with Wren turbines and some with AMT Netherlands turbines. Both these brands are excellent quality and have given us 100% satisfaction. You may also have a look at the Swedish built HAWK turbines. They are the most fuel efficient turbines available.

Wren 100 turbine

We are dealers for Wren Turbines, AMT Netherlands, HAWK and JetCat. Please consult their respective websites for their latest prices and technical info.


Jet KitsDucted FansTurbinesConversion kitsOrdering infoPrice listAbout usLanding gearScale options

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