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F-16A for Turbine


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F-16A finished in the "Thunderbirds" colour scheme equipped with the scale landing gear (captured here travelling up just after take off)

Without a doubt, the F-16 kit is our best engineered kit to date. It is sized and designed for a typical 90 N (20 lbs) class Turbine in the first place, but it will accomodate any turbine from the 50 N (12 lbs) thrust class up to the 135 N (30 lbs) thrust class (when using a speed limiter). The wide speed envelope allows the model to be flown also from smaller (grass) fields.

F-16 with standard landing gear about to touch down with a perfect landing attitude!

It is an extremely versatile model capable of even 3D style aerobatics. The  standard landing gear (PA407) is intended for the sport scale modeller. For the scale purists, a lot of scale accessories, including a scale landing gear (PA481) and external stores, are available to upgrade the F-16A up to a museum class scale model.

Wings, stabs and fin are easily removable for transport: no need to break any air or servo connections. For long distance air transports, it is even possible to further disassemble the model to the extent it will fit in the original shipping carton (160 x 50 x 35 cm).

Only 5 servos are needed: 2 on the stabilators  for mixed pitch and roll control (digitals preferred), 1 for the retracts, 1 for the nose wheel steering and 1 for the wheel brakes. A sixth servo is required if installing the optional rudder installation kit (required in the US by AMA). No flaps or ailerons are needed.

This is the "A" model with the large horizontal stabs, but you have the choice between the standard short fin base fairing (see photo of Thunderbirds F-16A below right) or the long dragchute housing type fin base (see photo of BAF 31 SQN F-16A block 15 below left). Please specify when ordering.

dragchute housing

standard fin base

F-16 price list





  2100 mm (83 inches)
Wingspan:   1340 mm (53 inches)
Weight:   9,0 kg (20lbs)
Suitable Thrust Class:   50 to 135 N (12 to 30 lbs)


note: the wheels are no longer supplied as standard in the kit (contrary to what is shown in the picture above)


PA402 kit contents

(general kit info on Jet Kits page)


rear former and bearing tubes already installed

  • carbon reinforced gel-coated epoxy glass fuselage with rear former, stab and fin bearing tubes already glued in place

  • gel-coated epoxy glass intake section, nose section, main hatch, intake liner and bypass duct

  • gel-coated epoxy glass exhaust nozzle section, ventral fins and wingtip missile launchers

  • high density foam flying surfaces balsa sheeted and carbon reinforced

  • vacformed clear canopy and black plastic cockpit deck

  • CNC routered plywood and balsa parts

  • balsa leading edge and trailing edge stock

  • stainless steel double walled tailpipe

  • complete fuel tank system with conformal fibreglass tanks (located near C of G)

  • comprehensive hardware package

  • everything needed to make the gear doors operational (you will need the optional pneumatic support set PA405 or from the scale landing gear, see options below)

  • full size plans

  • photo illustrated detailed manual


F-16 price list


F-16 standard landing gear

  • PA407 F-16 complete standard retracts set

  • PA405 Pneumatic support set for operating gear doors

  • PA472 F-16  wheels & brakes set (including all pneumatics)

  • PA173 Pair of heavy duty replacement tyres for PA472

  • PA408 Scale main wheel hub covers (resin cast)

F-16 scale landing gear

  • PA481 Complete scale landing gear kit including all pneumatics, oleo nose strut, main oleos, full sequencing gear doors, alu wheels & tyres, hub covers and brakes

F-16 external stores

F-16 external stores

  • PA430 Kit for pair of AIM-9L sidewinder missiles

  • PA431 Centreline pylon & 300 gallon centreline tank

  • PA432 Pair of wing pylons & 370 gallon wing tanks

  • PA433 Pair of outboard wing pylons

  • PA434 Pair of underwing missile launchers

F-16 scale and other accessories

  • AC015 TOP GUN pilot

  • PA410 Decal set 1 (Nato standard nomenclature & BAF 31 SQN)

  • PA410SQ Decal set 2 (Other Belgian AF squadrons, specify choice)

  • PA410NS Paint mask & decal set NSAWC

  • PA410TB Paint mask & decal set "Thunderbirds"

  • PA425 Resin cast detail set 1 (6 pcs. pitot tube and air data probes)

  • PA426 Resin cast detail set 2 (6 pcs. antennae)

  • PA427 Resin cast detail set 3 (15 pcs. static dischargers)

  • PA428 Resin cast detail set 4 (inside nozzle flap detail)

  • PA429 Outside nozzle flap paint mask set

  • PA449 12 V cooling fan assembly for Turbine F-16

PA420 F-16 rudder installation kit

click on plan to enlarge

The rudder installation kit is only recommended in one of the following cases:
  • To satisfy the AMA regulations in the USA
  • To perform precision aerobatics (slow- and hesitation rolls etc.)

Actually, the F-16 can perfectly be flown without a functional rudder. A rudder complicates the construction and adds a substantial amount of work, so normally, we do not recommend to install a rudder, except for the above cases. This rudder installation kit is designed to be incorporated during the building stages of the model. If your model is already finished, the task will be somewhat more difficult but still feasible.

The servo is completely concealed within the fin base fairing (or dragchute housing) with a push-pull connection to the rudder torque rod. The fin/rudder remain fully removable, the torque rod engages in a precision slot located in the base of the rudder. No adjustments to make, no servos to disconnect.

The set PA420 contains the following items:
  • 5 ea. Robart #308 steel pin hinge points

  • 1 ea. Robart steel control horn

  • 1 ea. 4.8 mm piano wire horn (prebent)

  • 2 ea. Brass horn bushings

  • 2 ea. Du-Bro #369 2-56 swivel ball links

  • 2 ea. Du-Bro #305 4-40 solder kwik links

  • 2 ea. Du-Bro #144 4-40 threaded rods

  • 1 ea. Set of CNC cut wood parts

  • 1 ea. 50 cm length of fibreglass tape

  • 1 ea. Manual with photos and drawings

  • 1 ea. Full size drawing

F-16 photo gallery

click on photos to enlarge

"Red Tail" F-16 by Fernando Zapater, Spain

Very detailed Norwegian F-16A by Gudmund Malones, Norway

F-16 TB

"Thunderbirds" F-16A by Philip Avonds, Belgium
F-16A of 31 SQN, Belgian Air Force by Michel Avonds, Belgium
"Tiger" F-16A by Marc Thienpont, Belgium (foreground)
"White Falcon" display F-16A by Geert Van De Voorde, Belgium (background)
F-16A of 23 SQN, Belgian Air Force by Wim Reynders, Belgium (foreground)
F-16A of 31 SQN, Belgian Air Force by Michel Avonds, Belgium (backgound)
F-16A of 23 SQN, Belgian Air Force by Wim Reynders, Belgium
"Tiger" F-16A by Marc Thienpont, Belgium

"White Falcon" display F-16A by Geert Van De Voorde, Belgium

Norwegian F-16A by Kyrre Hoydahl, Norway

F-16A "Dutch Special" solo display scheme by Bill Marshall, UK


Dutch F-16A by Peter Coers, The Netherlands

"Tiger" F-16A by Ali Machinchy, UK  (top photo by Dick Spreadbury)

Impressive tail art on this Belgian F-16A of 1st SQN by Jacky BeliŽn, Belgium
 VISTA F-16A by Mendelt Spanninga, The Netherlands
Luis Ceja from Mexico built this very detailed F-16A
Stig Andersen from Denmark painted his F-16A in this striking Singapore display team colour scheme
Walter Renz from Germany is an American Car dealer, is it obvious?
Tom Perry from the USA did his F-16A in this Dutch Air Force  "Dirty Diana" scheme

Vitaliy Robertus from Russia with his national championship winning Dutch demo F-16A
Asif Ali Akbar (with the cap) is from pakistan and shows his F-16A built by Mr. Wasif (holding the fin)
Tom Perry from the USA did another F-16A in this USAF retro scheme

F-16 price list

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