Fashion model

Alongside my careers of military pilot and kit manufacturer, I also had a (very) brief fashion modelling career. It was never my ambition to be a photo model but I got involved in a photo shoot by coincidence back in 1987. At that time, I was a young captain flying Sea King helicopters at Koksijde Air Base. I was asked to accompany a party of people who were going to do a photo shoot on the military air base. It was my task to provide them with a suitable room for make up and dressing and to assist them wherever possible. Little did I know that the photographer Charles Devens would ask me to model next to the professional models. I happily agreed and the result can be seen on the extracts below from the book "Mode dit is Belgisch, Winter '87-'88". One thing that struck me was the fact that the photographer published every single photo he shot, even the one which was badly damaged when the film cannister broke after it had been dropped (mind you, no digital photography yet at that time).


Cover of the fashion book Mode dit is Belgisch, Winter '87-'88


Title pages with references to the people involved


Photo pages with me appearing 7 times. Note the damaged photograph top center, left hand page


No photos of me on these pages


Single appearance in the background bottom right




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