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F-15C ARF all composite for turbine

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At last here it is, the long awaited full composite version of our successfull F-15C model.

This F-15 is a complete redesign in terms of scale fidelity, prefabrication, landing gear, gear doors system, fuel tank system, mass distribution, equipment installation, internal airflow, internal linkages, hatch fit, ease of transport, ease of set up, flying qualities etc.

This redesigned F-15C is by far the most accurate, the best engineered and the best flying F-15 model around.

Provisions are made for easy retrofitting of scale options like opening canopy, dorsal airbrake etc.

The model is controlled through the standard tailerons (internal linkage on ball bearings), but people wishing to install flaps, ailerons and rudders are able to do so with a minimum of effort. In fact all the moulded wings and fins have the extra spars fitted to do so. These spars have the hinge point holes predrilled to make it super easy!


F-15C ARF price list

kit features:

  • all composite flying surfaces ready made
  • all stress bearing formers factory installed in the fuselage
  • wing and fin plug in receptacles installed and aligned
  • stab pivot mounts (on ball bearings) installed and aligned
  • gear doors factory prepared with balsa liners
  • choice of scale sequencing doors or simple sport doors
  • adjustable opening angles on all gear doors
  • adjustable tension on the nose wheel steering cables
  • canopy with separately molded frame
  • separately moulded dorsal airbrake
  • turkey featherless nozzles with intricate scale detail
  • all internal control linkages
  • landing gear receptacles placed in the scale location



Scale fidelity

Ultimate scale fidelity: the model is based on the original competition model that won the F4C Scale World Championships twice (1988 and 1990). A lot of the scale features are now standard on this kit: the finely engraved panel lines and grilles must be seen to be believed. This accurate and detailed F-15 is an excellent base to create a top scale competition model.





incredible surface detail moulded in the fibreglass components



Prefabrication on this kit has been pushed to new limits: the full composite flying surfaces require nothing more than a clean up of the seams. All the stress bearing formers (eleven of them in total!) have been factory installed in the fuselage with HYSOL high strength adhesive. Wing and fin plug in receptacles are installed and aligned, stab pivot mounts (on ball bearings) are installed and aligned. All this is done on fixtures to assure a straight and true model with all flying surfaces perfectly aligned.




factory installed formers, stab pivots, retract bearers and gear door liners


Gear doors

The gear doors are factory prepared with balsa liners incorporating precut hinge and horn pockets. These liners are designed to allow a choice of scale sequencing doors or simple sport doors. The opening angles on all gear doors is designed to be adjustable, so setting up gear doors has never been so easy!

gear door liners factory installed

(shown here before factory installation of the formers)

New: we now offer the service to cut and hinge the doors at the factory as an option: read more.


Ease of set up

A sliding radio tray allows easy adjustment of the nose wheel steering cables. Setting up the tailerons and the centre of gravity on this F-15C is very easy and is clearly described in the very detailed 56 page manual. 

Canopy frame

The canopy now has a separately molded frame which makes it so much easier to install the clear parts. It can be made operational with the optional opening canopy kit PA516.


separately moulded canopy frame

(shown here with optional opening canopy)


Landing gear

The landing gear is placed in the scale location, giving a wider (scale) track than seen on any other manufacturers' F-15. This feature considerably reduces the chance of wing tip scraping and increases the crosswind tolerance. The custom designed and manufactured retract units sit lower in the fuselage. This allows shorter oleo struts to be used, reducing the strains on the retract units and retract mounts. The nose gear retract is configured so no clearance issues arise when superdetailing the nose oleo strut. All scale gear doors can be made functional per the full size. The door liners with hinge pockets are factory installed. All the predrilled retract bearers are factory installed in the fuselage at their correct location and angle and the blind nuts are installed for a drop in fit of our custom made retract sets.

Installing the retracts is thus literally a matter of seconds!


Fuel tanks

The main fuel tanks are conformal fibreglass units with a capacity of 1650 ml each (55 oz). They are located close to the centre of gravity, so fuel burn off does not cause any trim changes. Of course, the fuel system is completed with a hopper tank. All tubing, fittings, stoppers, clunks etc. are equally supplied and a clear diagram in the manual shows the reliable fuel system installation!


large size conformal fibreglass tanks


Mass distribution

We have paid a lot of attention to mass distribution: all heavy components like turbine, main fuel tanks and ECU tray with ECU, ECU battery and pump are located close to the centreline of the model and close to the centre of gravity. Other F-15's tend to have their equipment scattered around the airframe which causing inertia problems like undesirable dutch roll, fish tailing and non axial rolling.

Equipment installation

Equipment installation is made easy through the use of easily accessible modular trays (ECU and radio trays). Turbine and fuel tank installation and removal is also greatly simplified.


modular ECU tray showing the installation for an AMT Netherlands turbine...


... and showing the installation for a Graupner G-Booster turbine


Internal airflow

Internal airflow has been redesigned completely to allow for scale inlets, a scale fuselage bottom and wide choice of turbines. The air intakes are now the scale width with a sloping ramp.

Our F-15 is the only F-15 on the market offering the scale inlets with the scale ramps! A decal set reproducing the minuscule air bleed hole pattern (as on the full size) will be available shortly as an option.

Only a metered amount of air (to feed the turbine and for cooling) can enter the fuselage through the strongly reduced cross section of the air intakes. The rest is bypassed alongside and below the fuselage for reduced drag. No turbine bypass duct is used or needed. The tailpipe is a vast improvement in terms thrust efficiency. In fact, we have been able to reduce the thrust loss to almost zero. This is also beneficial for the noise level.


intake ramp factory installed


new super efficient bifurcated tailpipe


turkey featherless nozzle detail


Internal linkages

The linkages to the tailerons are all internal. This is also the case for the optional rudders which can be made operational with kit PA520. Provisions are made in the fins to ease the installation of rudders (spars, predrilled hinge locations etc.). The same is true for the wings as far as flaps and ailerons are concerned (options to become available later).


internal stab linkage on ball bearings


Hatch fit

The hatch is a precision fit component. No tedious fitting is required. A step on the inner flange assures correct positioning of the hatch every time again. The cavity for the airbrake is faithfully reproduced. The hatch is positioned on scale panel lines.

The airbrake itself is a separate rigid moulding with detailed inside. It can be made operational with the optional airbrake kit PA515.


Ease of transport

All flying surfaces are easily removable for transport. The stabs (tailerons) are plug in as well and no trimming is required after a stab removal. The stab is self aligning in the pivot unit leaving the internal servo linkage untouched. The nose section is removable for transport as well, so the entire finished airframe will fit in its original shipping carton (160 x 50 x 35 cm). This carton is accepted at the normal baggage check in of airports, a very wellcome feature for modelers who want to air travel with their model! The kit is shipped with all fibreglass components wrapped in bubble plastic protections. The flying surfaces come in bags made to size so you can reuse them for your transport to and from the field!


flying surfaces come in bubble plastic protection bags


Flying qualities

The flying qualities of our F-15C are unsurpassed. Many have tried to copy the design but none have succeeded in capturing the details that make our F-15C so unique. Every pilot who has also flown other makes of F-15 will agree that ours is the best flying one! It is also by far the easiest flying scale jet, making it perfectly suitable as an entry level jet. If you're looking for a grass field jet, this one is for you!

no scale jet lands as easily as the F-15


F-15C ARF price list




Length:   2185 mm (86 inches)
Wingspan:   1470 mm (58 inches)
Weight:   10 to 13 kg (22 to 30 lbs)
Suitable Thrust Class:   80 to 160 N (18 to 37 lbs)



Kit contents

Epoxy fibreglass fuselage parts (gray gelcoat primer finish):

  • main fuselage, carbon reinforced, all load bearing formers, wing and fin receptacles, anti rotation tubes and stab pivots factory installed

  • fuselage nose section, carbon reinforced, formers factory installed

  • large access hatch, carbon reinforced

  • dorsal airbrake

  • canopy frame

  • left hand tail fairing

  • right hand tail fairing

  • 2 ea. scale featherless exhaust nozzles (black primer finish)

Epoxy fibreglass flying surfaces (gray gelcoat primer finish):

  • left wing with spar and anti rotation pins installed

  • right wing with spar and anti rotation pins installed

  • left fin with spar and anti rotation pin installed (wide tip pod)

  • right fin with spar and anti rotation pin installed (narrow tip pod)

  • 2 ea. stabs with spars installed and tapped M4

Tailpipe parts:

  • stainless steel bifurcated tailpipe with aluminium bellmouth

  • aluminium heat reflective tape 50 mm wide (fuselage protection)

Vacformed parts:

  • clear canopy

  • cockpitdeck (black ABS)

  • instrument glare shield, seat and HUD mouldings (black ABS)

  • 2 ea. scale details sheets (white ABS)

CNC cut plywood & balsa parts:

  • complete set of CNC cut plywood & balsa parts to complement the factory installed formers

Fuel system hardware:

  • pair of epoxy glass conformal fuel cells, capacity 1650 ml each

  • 120 ml (4 oz) hopper tank

  • fuel fittings hardware

  • heavy duty clunks

  • fuel tubing

  • T-connectors

  • fuel line clips

Other hardware:

  • stab control rods (ready to install)

  • hatch latches

  • nose wheel steering hardware

  • complete set of specialised screws, nuts and bolts



F-15C ARF landing gear

  • PA504A scale rotating retracts and struts

  • PA504B simplified scale non rotating retracts and struts

  • PA505A Type A scale landing gear air support

  • PA505B Type B simplified scale landing gear air support

  • PA505C Type C sport landing gear air support

  • PA505D Type D sport landing gear air support

  • PA506 wheels, tyres and brakes set

  • PA507 scale main wheel hub cover set

  • PA508 scale brake hub cover set

  • PA510-NOSE nose strut detailing set

  • PA510-MAIN main strut detailing set

  • PA530 gear door cutting and hinging service

other scale details for the landing gear will follow like a nose door detailing set, nose wheel hub covers etc.

F-15C scale accessories
  • PA515 dorsal airbrake set

  • PA516 opening canopy set

  • PA519 operational flaps kit

  • PA520 operational rudders kit

  • PA191 CNC machined Head Up Display (HUD)

  • AC031 1/9 scale full body pilot (unpainted)

  • AC015 TOP GUN pilot bust (painted)

  • PA182 CNC machined scale grilles set

  • PA160AG Waterslide decal set (USAF Aggressors)

  • PA160BT Waterslide decal set (BITBURG USAFE F-15)

  • PA199 Photo documentation (18 prints) for Bitburg F-15

  • PA160FF Waterslide decal set (1stTFW USAF F-15)

  • PA527 intake ramp perforation decal set

  • PA523 scale nozzle detailing set

other scale options will follow: external stores, kits for working ailerons and flaps, cockpit detail kits etc.


Scale 3 view drawings are now available for free download. We have made these very accurate scale drawings to help our customers with their documentation if the model is to be used for scale competitions.


F-15C ARF photo gallery

F-15C ARF prototype model in Aggressors colour scheme and powered with a Graupner G-Booster G160 plus giving awesome vertical performance!

our own competition F-15C ARF model (powered with an AMT Netherlands Mercury HP turbine) competed successfully at the 2007 Jet World Masters in Northern Ireland placing 7th

F-15C ARF model built and finished by Marc Thienpont (Belgium), powered by an AMT Netherlands Pegasus turbine

Russian F4C Scale Championship winning F-15C ARF of Vitaliy Robertus (Russia), powered by a JetCat P120SE
realistic weathering on this F-15C ARF entered at the 2007 JWM by Anders Wikman (Sweden) and powered by a very fuel efficient Hawk 100R turbine

fine F-15C ARF by Tom Perry (USA)
click here for another F-15 photo gallery (from the old kit)

F-15C ARF price list


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