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Jet kit features

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ARF kit all composite

We offer the NEW F-15C as an ARF kit with all composite components. A detailed description of this revolutionary new kit can be found here.

Super scale traditional kit

The Fouga Magister is a totally different kit concept. The goal here was to offer a super scale model capable of winning world class scale competition within the reach of the experienced modeller. The kit concept is a no compromise approach. More info can be found here.

Easy to build traditional kits

We also offer easy to build kits for the following five jets: Interceptor, old F-15C, F-16A, F-104G and Rafale A. These require a bit more work to complete than the new F-15C ARF kit, but significantly less than the Fouga Magister traditional kit. These kits offer a greater sense of reward to the builder than an ARF and better weight control. The result is a lighter airframe which flies better. These models are designed for Turbine power although the following kits are still available for IC Ducted Fan power: old F-15C, F-16A, F-104G and Rafale A. If you are looking for an EDF airframe, please read this.

Conversion kits from Ducted Fan to Turbine power are available for each model except for the Interceptor, the new F-15 ARF and the Fouga Magister which are turbine power exclusively.

The five easy to build kits have a high level of prefabrication and are very easy to build/assemble, however they are not ARF's. The advantage of our deluxe kits over ARF's are lower cost, less weight and ease of repair. Average modelling skills and a fair amount of time in the workshop  is all you need to successfully build/assemble one of our easy to build kits.  If you don't have the time, the skills and/or the infrastructure to build one of our kits, this may be a solution for you.

A detailed photo-illustrated manual, included in each kit, will guide you step by step through the construction. Furthermore, a full size detailed CAD plan is supplied as an extra reference. Typically, our standard kits build/assemble in about 50 hours (*).


Contents of our jet kits


Typical kit lay-out. Turbine F-16A kit (PA402) shown

Tailpipe and fuel tanks included in all kits!


All our kits come with a gel-coated fuselage, intake liners, hatches etc.  F-15, F-16 and Fouga Magister kits have carbon reinforcements in the fuselage. The F-16 and the Fouga Magister have the rear former already installed, the F-15C ARF has all load bearing formers installed.

The flying surfaces of our traditional kits are high density foam sheeted with balsawood and strategically reinforced with carbon fibre. All plywood and balsa parts are precision CNC cut for a perfect fit. CNC cutting takes longer but is far superior to laser cutting. The Fouga Magister has  traditionally built up flying surfaces, more info here.

Also supplied: a clear canopy and a black plastic cockpitdeck representing the upper part of the instrument panel and the upper part of the ejection seat (except Fouga Magister). The hardware needed to mount the flying surfaces, to hook up the control linkages, hatch latches, screws, nuts and bolts, are all supplied. No wheels however. The appropriate (Turbine or IC Ducted Fan) fuel tank system is included in all of our kits. Turbine kits always include the stainless steel pipe.

Please refer to the individual webpages to discover the complete list of contents of each kit.


(*) Any additional options will lengthen this time


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InterceptorFouga MagisterNew F-15C ARFOld F-15F-16AF-104GRafale AF-14 plans

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