My Engine Collection

Throughout the years, I have collected a number of vintage and more recent RC engines. These are mostly engines of which I could only dream when I was young and when I didn't have the money to acquire them...

I will not list my complete collection, only the most interesting ones and the engines I'm willing to sell. Indicated prices are NOT negotiable, so don't waste my time by asking for a better price. Shipping costs are extra, see list here.

The page is kept up to date but please contact me first to confirm availablity.

Furthermore, I have a nice collection of aeroplane kits, an extensive collection of old transmitters and finally, a large collection of plastic kits for static display.

If you own new in box engines you'd like to sell, I may be interested. I'm most interested in rare OS MAX engines.

Page is still under construction

#1 originally as received...

...and after restoration

OS MAX .40 FSR belonging to Wim Reynders and restored in 2022 (one of two)


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