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My Kit Collection

Throughout the years, I have collected a number of vintage and recent RC kits, Control Line kits and Rubber Power kits. These are mostly kits of which I could only dream when I was young and when I didn't have the money to acquire them...

The great names of aeromodelling were Svenson, Goldberg, Sig, Top Flite and Graupner along with WIK, Pica and many others.

The kits in my possession and shown below are all unassembled unless mentioned otherwise. They are normally not for sale, but as I receive so many requests, I have added a price to the kits I'm willing to sell. These prices are NOT negotiable, so don't waste my time by asking for a better price. Shipping costs for these kits are the same as Postage and handling rates "for larger orders (except jet kits)". Direct link to these shipping costs here.

The page is kept up to date but please contact me to confirm availablity. The latest additions (January 2021) are the PT-60, Snoopey and A4D-1 Skyhawk.

Furthermore, I have a nice collection of vintage RC engines.

And finally, I have a large collection of plastic kits for static display.

If you own a vintage kit you'd like to sell, I may be interested. I'm most interested in Svenson RC kits.


This is a tribute to the Belgian made Svenson kits. Svenson had a good reputation and was our national pride. They had some very nice designs, see below...


Svenson Fly-Boy (early kit)  RESERVED

Svenson Fly-Boy (made in Spain kit)   195,00


Svenson Fly-Boy (later kit)  SOLD

Svenson Mini-Boy (small Fly-Boy)  SOLD


Svenson P-40E Warhawk  SOLD

Svenson Wind Puff  SOLD


Svenson The Duke  SOLD

Svenson Sundancer  RESERVED

Link to CAD redesigned and built model


Svenson Westerly (kit 1)  SOLD

Svenson Westerly (kit 2)  (built and flown)


Svenson Pinto  SOLD

Svenson Prima  165,00


Svenson Wayfarer HO-BO  SOLD

Svenson Twinny (small Wayfarer)  SOLD


Svenson Eyeball by Art Schroeder 345,00

Svenson N1   145,00



Svenson Fieseler Storch  SOLD

   Svenson Piper Cub J-3 / L-4 Grasshopper           275,00


Svenson Jet-40  SOLD

Svenson Flappy (control line)  125,00


Svenson Sly-Cat  RESERVED

Svenson Blue Pants (control line)  50,00 (incomplete)


  Svenson Blue Pants first edition (control line)   110.00

   Svenson Seychelle glider by Sean Bannister   195,00


Svenson Sunny glider  SOLD

Svenson Brigand  SOLD


Carl Goldberg made some beautiful designs. How can one not like the graceful lines of the Falcon, Skylark and Skylane series? Sadly, their later Sky Tiger and Eaglet series were not as nice anymore.


Goldberg Jr. Falcon  SOLD

Goldberg Falcon 56  SOLD


Goldberg Sr. Falcon  SOLD

Goldberg Falcon 56 Mark II  275,00


Goldberg Falcon III  SOLD

Goldberg Jr. Skylark  175,00


Goldberg Skylark 56  SOLD

Goldberg Skylark 56 Mark II  275,00


Goldberg 1/2A Skylane 42  145,00

Goldberg Skylane 62  245,00


Goldberg Super Chipmunk  SOLD

Goldberg Sky Tiger  225,00


Sig's 1/6th scale version of the J-3 Cub must be one of the most popular scale kits ever. Along the Cub, they also had the beautiful Zlin and some nice sports models.


Sig J-3 Cub  145,00

Sig Clipped Wing Cub  145,00


Sig Kougar   SOLD

Sig Zlin Akrobat Z526AS   325,00


Sig Astro-Hog  RESERVED

Sig Kavalier  SOLD


Sig 1/5th scale Cub  285,00

Sig Ryan STA Special   SOLD


Sig Smith Miniplane  175,00

Top Flite

Top Flite was the company who manufactured one of the most beautiful RC models ever, the Taurus by Ed Kazmirski


Top Flite Taurus SOLD (see also Jeff Petroski replica)

Top Flite Taurus wing kit only   145,00


      Top Flite P-51D Mustang (control line)             95,00 (incomplete)


Top Flite Hellcat (control line)   BUILT 2019

Top Flite S.E. 5A   295,00


Graupner really had the nicest kits around. German quality at it's best.


Graupner Kwik Fly Mark III  SOLD (see also Jeff Petroski replica)  

Graupner Amigo III glider   175,00


Graupner Consul (very rare kit)   395,00

Graupner Amigo V glider   175,00


   Graupner RC Jolly glider (reworked kit)            SOLD

Graupner Jolly glider (original kit)   SOLD


Graupner Piper PA-18 Super Cub (rubber)        SOLD

Graupner BO209 Monsun (rubber)   SOLD


Graupner Cessna 150 G (rubber)   RESERVED

Graupner Graubele 2 glider   95,00


Graupner Schwimmersatz   SOLD

Graupner Cirrus glider SOLD

These are two very nice gliders.


WIK Kestrel   SOLD

Dave Platt will remain a monument in the scale model aeroplane world. Pica manufactured some of his designs like the ones below.

Pica T-28B  295,00

Pica Duellist 240 (being built)

Jeff Petroski kits (Classic RC hobby)
Jeff has successfully reproduced some of the classic RC pattern kits with modern manufacturing techniques (CAD, laser cutting etc.). I own all of his excellent kits...

Jeff Petroski Tauros (Taurus)  SOLD

Jeff Petroski Qwic-Fly (Kwik Fly)  245,00


Jeff Petroski King Altair  BUILT 2021

Link to more photographs of  built model

Jeff Petroski Simla   SOLD

Kits from other manufacturers

Great Planes PT-60   195,00

Hegi (Revell) Snoopey  225,00


Krick Reiher  SOLD

Mick Reeves Models Gangster 52  SOLD


Kato (MK) Arrow 60   SOLD

Midwest A4D-1 Skyhawk  145,00


Kato (MK) Curare 20  kit  SOLD

Kato (MK) Aurora 60  SOLD


Kato (MK) Spirit of St Louis  kit  SOLD

Proctor Enterprises Antic Bipe  275,00


Marutaka Cessna 500 Citation   395,00

Marutaka Boeing Stearman  SOLD


Marutaka AT-6  SOLD

Mantua Kosmo 3 Special  SOLD


Lazer Works Senior Skylark (photo of model built by Dave Platt)  195,00

   Schneider Modellbau Nemere 1/4 scale kit with all CNC cut wood parts, plans, canopy etc. (photo by Michel Leroyer)

Bargain  price: 395,00


Balsa Products Playboy Senior 80" span            145,00

Midwest Pitts Special  245,00


Mercury Monitor (control line) 95.00

Veron Spitfire (control line) 95,00


KeilKraft Competitor (rubber)  SOLD

Guillow's Piper Super Cub 95 (rubber)  75,00


Sterling Piper Cub J-3 (rubber)  95,00

Comet Sparky (rubber)  65,00


   COX PT-19 Flight Trainer (control line)            145,00

  COX E-Z Flyer (control line P-39 lookalike)      125,00


Scientific Sky-Master (rubber)  105,00

   Herr Engineering Gee Bee R-2 (rubber)              85,00


Veron Velox (glow power free flight)  175,00

Robbe Charter  SOLD


Lanzo Stick (rubber)   105,00

and yes, I do own a few ARF's...

Kyosho Oxalys 50 ARF  RESERVED

EZ Hyde-Away 30/50 ARF  SOLD


Schweighofer Curare 60 (1 built and flown and 1 reserved)

Robbe Maexi (built and flown)


Graupner Caravelle ARF  SOLD

Graupner Amigo IV glider ARF  195,00

RC engine collection

Part of my engine collection, consisting  mostly of vintage 70's and 80's engines of different brands: OS, Webra, Cox, HP, HB, Enya, K&B, Fox, Rossi, Laser, OPS, RJL, Fitzpatrick etc.


Axiflo 049 ducted fan unit with COX TD049 engine

JPX T-240 vintage turbine



None of these engines is for sale, but I'm willing to sell any of the engines shown provided I receive a really good offer :-)

Plastic modelling

From time to time, I build a static display model from plastic or resin kits. My preferred scale is 1/72 for military aircraft and 1/144 for airliners. Unfortunately, like so many other modellers, I tend to buy more kits than I can build, so now I have a collection of 700+ kits... I'm a member of the scalemates community, so you can find me there.

Meanwhile, I let you enjoy some of the models in my display cabinet with the photographs shown below.


1/72 models of USAF military aircraft

1/144 models of SABENA airliners


1/72 models of US NAVY and Russian military aircraft (together with a scale model of my own design, the Interceptor...)

1/144 models of airliners


1/72 models of BAF military aircraft I flew during my Belgian Air Force career

1/144 models of airliners


1/72 models of BAF military aircraft

pair of 1/200 Boeing SST models, one in landing configuration and the other in supersonic flight configuration


a small part of my stash...

and another  small part of my stash...

Fouga Magister plastic kits
I was involved in the development of several Fouga Magister plastic kits. Read more...

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