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1988 and 1990 FAI F4C Scale

World Champion

and also 2011 and 2013 Jet World Master in the 13.5 kg Class!


Philip Avonds won two World Champion titles and one European Champion title in the FAI F4C scale class. The first World Championship title was won in 1988 in Gorizia, Italy, the second title in 1990 in Warsaw, Poland. In between he won the 1989 European Championships in Périgueux, France. All these competitions were won with the original 1/9th scale F-15C Eagle model, powered with two 7.5 cc (.45) K&B Ducted Fan engines and Turbax I fan units. The weight limitation for the F4C class was only 6 kg (13 1/4 lbs) at the time of its competition début at the 1986 World Championships in Kjeller (near Oslo), Norway! There, the Eagle gained a respectable 6th place. This low weight dictated the use of "tailerons", which Philip pioneered. Participation at the 1987 European Championships in Nyköping, Sweden resulted in a 2nd place. In 1988 the weight limit was brought to 7 kg (15 1/2 lbs) giving the F-15 some more margin...


It is interesting to note that the winning flight at the 1988 WC was plagued with an engine out situation in the early stages of the flight. Everybody thought it was over for the title, except Philip... During the preparation before the competition, Philip had logged the flight time necessary to complete each of the maneuvres and this helped him to carefully plan the height gaining turnaround before diving into the vertical maneuvres: immelman, looping, split s, inverted flight and roll were all done on a single screaming K&B 7.5 cc engine! After landing, the call "finished" was given with a mere 15 seconds of official flight time left!

Philip Avonds with his F-15C Eagle just after the winning flight that made him win the first FAI F4C Scale World Championship in1988, Gorizia, Italy

The same F-15 model has since been converted to turbine to compete at the 1997 IJMC Jet World Masters in Wroughton, UK. It was powered by a JPX T-260 turbine and pioneered the bifurcated tailpipe (another Philip Avonds first!).  At the same time, full sequencing gear doors, full navigation lighting and wheel brakes were added. For the 1999 edition in Zeltweg, Austria, a SimJet NG85 was installed and a a functional airbrake. For the 2001 edition in Pattaya, Thailand, the F-15 was upgraded with scale grilles. The final touch was installed prior to the 2003 IJMC Jet World Masters in Zwartkop, South Africa: museum scale quality exposed nozzles ("turkey feathers" removed). The F-15 did not fare too well at that competition, a flame out  after take off, just as the gear up cycle had been initiated, resulted in a belly landing on the tarmac, ripping out all the gear doors and scale details and scraping the whole underside in the process. Perhaps this was the models' cry for retirement after 17 years (!) of service... I've never repaired the bottom, but being suspended almost upside down in my attic, the damage is not visible. My attic constitutes a private museum, which as a customer, you can visit (on appointment only),


F-15 retired and suspended in my attic

After retiring this model, I had to build another one: an all composite version of the F-15 with all scale details moulded in the skin... and a lot more improvements.

Read more about the new F-15C ARF full composite here

Latest scale addition were these scale nozzles without "turkey feathers"
Closer view of the F-15C scale nozzles without "turkey feathers"
First competition successes
1982 Woodvale Rally (UK)

Philip entered his very first competition in 1982. Together with a clubmate, Eddy Klessens, also a rookie, he went to Woodvale (UK) to enter the Stand-Off scale competition. The model was a Ducted Fan powered F9F-8 Cougar built from the Jet Hangar Hobbies semi kit. Philip finished in third place and Eddy finished 9th with his Stuka. All in all a very succesful competition start.

Philip with the competition model on the flight line


final scores of the 1982 Woodvale Rally


F9F-8 Cougar with Turbax I and K&B 7.5 cc power


1984 F4C World Championships Le Bourget (F)

Philip chose to build a scale model of the P-51B Mustang for his first F4C World Championships entry. It was built from the David Vaughan plan published in RCM&E magazine. The final result was 8th place.

at the static judging table (helper is Augustin Goddet)


taxi to take off position (helper is Wim Reynders)


P-51B Mustang built from the David Vaughan plans


cockpit detail on the P-51B




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