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For sale

On this page, we show items we have for sale. These can be brand new or second hand items, end of series items, surplus items etc. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Der Jet Vampire

We have for sale this beautiful Der Jet Vampire ARF kit factory finished in an attractive and colourful scheme for a Swiss target tow aircraft. It is a 13.5 kg class 1/5 scale model. It's wingspan is 230 cm and it is suitable for 8-12 kg turbines.

Sorry, sold

This is a brand new ARF kit complete with fuel tank system, double walled tailpipe, landing gear with oleo struts, wheels and brakes, gear doors, flaps, airbrakes and comprehensive hardware pack.

The wings are removable while the landing gear remains attached to the fuselage assembly to facilitate handling and transport. The tailbooms and horizontal stab are also removable, so the jet can be taken apart in small sections allowing transport in very small cars.

A build thread on RC Universe can be found here

More info on this jet can be found on the manufacturer's website


Wings and tailbooms are removable

Nice cockpit interior included

Scale landing gear complete with gear doors

Vampire hardware pack


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