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Future Projects


I had been contemplating a custom building service for my customers a while ago, but I have shelved the idea. However, there's still some hope if you're looking for someone to build your models. My good friend and expert modeller Wim Reynders has retired from his full time job, so he is now capable of giving  this kind of service, read more.

Developing the Fouga Magister model was a huge undertaking which soaked up a lot of my energy and motivation. As a kind of a fun project, I started work on my own design (non scale) jet trainer, the Interceptor, read more...

I do still have a few scale projects in mind and I must admit I have a weak spot for the North American F-107A. I made a lot of pictures when I visited the experimental section of the US Air Force museum in Dayton, Ohio during a scarce free moment at the 2011 Jet World Masters. I share a few pictures below.



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