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F-14 Tomcat plans

No longer available, this page for information only


Many years ago, the late André De Vleeschouwer designed a 1/10 scale twin Ducted Fan version of the F-14 Tomcat. I assisted him with some advice in order to make the model functional and I was the pilot for the flights with his first and second prototypes. In total, only a dozen or two flights were made. Following these flights, we sold a few sets of the plans to keen modellers. The F-14 model is truly for people who love building: it is a challenge to complete successfully and only a handful of modellers have succeeded in this.

After selling a a few of these plans sets, we decided to sell the rights to this plan to Hobby Barn in the USA. They are now the sole source for these plans, and they also carry a laser cut short kit and a clear canopy for this model. Please contact Hobby Barn if you want to purchase those plans and parts and for any after sales service.

To set the record straight, these plans are not my design! I did not draw a single line, I only assisted the designer in a few areas, that's it.

Please bear in mind that we don't have the time to answer any questions regarding this F-14 model. Please direct all your F-14 questions to Hobby Barn, thank you.




InterceptorFouga MagisterNew F-15C ARFOld F-15F-16AF-104GRafale AF-14 plans

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