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F-15 scale and other accessories

(for old F-15 KIT)

No longer available, this page for information only


Note: this page covers only the scale and other accessories to fit the old F-15 kit

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PA191 Head Up Display (HUD)


Dress up your F-15 cockpitdeck with a nice scale touch: the Head Up Display (HUD). The kit contains:



Upper and lower lens CNC cut from 1 mm clear acrylic sheet

HUD frame CNC machined from 1,5 mm fibreglass board (FGB)


AC031 1/9 scale full body pilot


This is the only 1/9 scale pilot available which is more or less suitable for the F-15. It is a full body pilot, so you'll have to cut off the lower part or make a full cockpit tub. It represents a French style helmet. Requires painting.


AC015 TOP GUN pilot bust


Alternatively, you can use the TOP GUN pilot bust (AC015) which is a bit too large for scale but fits the cockpit very well (see photograph above). No painting required.


PA165 external tank set

F-15C model loaded with 3 PA165 external tanks (Sidewinders not available yet, sorry)

The PA165 set contains 1 gel-coated epoxy glass external tank and the plan to construct either the centreline pylon or the wing pylons. No wood or hardware included.


PA181 Dorsal airbrake set

F-15 in red and white colour scheme, equipped with the PA181 dorsal airbrake


The airbrake on the F-15 not only looks nice, it can also be very helpfull during the approach to the landing. The high drag generated allows you to fly the approach at a higher throttle setting and this will make it easier to make accurate, scalelike landings, especially when operating from small fields.


Note: the airbrake can only be installed on Turbine F-15's (internal clearance issue with Ducted Fan)

Contents of the PA181 set:
  • 1 ea. Epoxy carbon airbrake moulding

  • 1 ea. Set of CNC cut 3 mm plywood parts

  • 1 ea. Pair of CNC cut 1.5 mm PCB spines

  • 2 ea. 4-40 threaded rods  and kwik-links (pivot link support shafts)

  • 1 ea. UP 4 inch stroke actuating air cylinder with 4-40 ball link attached

  • 1 ea. ROBART 4-way variable rate control valve

  • 1 ea. Colour coded air hookup tubing with T-fittings, quick-disconnects etc.

  • 1 ea. Carbon cord (150 cm) and fibreglass tape (50 cm)

  • 1 ea. Instructions with photographs and drawings

PA182 CNC machined scale grilles set


We have developed these CNC machined exact scale grilles for the serious scale competitor. All the grilles appearing on the upper fuselage of the real F-15 are faithfully reproduced in a threedimensional way. The photographs above are taken from the model, not the full size aircraft! Click on them to see the grilles in full detail!

The grilles are CNC routered from thin (0,4 mm) epoxy glass sheet. The resulting delicate parts interlock precisely into the 3-dimensional grilles. Some assembly work, a bit of patience and delicate gluing with a needle and CA adhesive is required.

The flat type grilles (two on each air intake) are flanged for easier assembly and placement. The four other grilles are curved: one behind canopy, one on the cockpit side and two gun vent ports.


PA160BT Waterslide decal set (Bitburg USAFE F-15)

images are not clickable for copyright reasons

This set contains 5 ea. A4 size waterslide decal sheets, allowing you to finish your F-15 with the same markings (over 1000!) as Philip Avonds' F4C Scale World Champion winning F-15 model. The full size tailnumber BT-060 was based in Bitburg, Germany in the mid-eighties. A placement diagram is included with the set.


PA160FF Waterslide decal set (1stTFW USAF F-15)

images are not clickable for copyright reasons

This set contains 6 1/3 ea. A4 size waterslide decal sheets, allowing you to finish your F-15 in a more colourful, US based 1st TFW F-15C. A placement diagram is included with the set.

PA160AG Waterslide decal set (USAF Aggressors F-15)

images are not clickable for copyright reasons

This set contains 5 ea. A4 size and 2 ea. A5 size waterslide decal sheets, allowing you to finish your F-15C in either the two tone blue "Flanker" or the brown and sand "Desert" colour scheme of the Nellis AFB based USAF Aggressors. A placement diagram is included with the set.

Philip Avonds' own demo F-15C ARF  painted in blue "Flanker" aggressors scheme with decal set PA160AG applied

PA192 F-15 rudder installation kit

click on plan to enlarge

Although rudders on our F-15 model are not necessary, we have designed a simple rudder installation kit to satisfy our US customers who have to comply with the AMA turbine regulations in force since January 1, 2001. The kit is primarily intended to supplement an F-15 kit still to be built. Retrofitting is somewhat more difficult but certainly feasible. Suitable servos are the typical wing servos such as FUTABA S3002, S135, S9601, GRAUPNER C3031, C3041, C3241, C3728, C3328 and JR 3121. Any of these servos will do fine.

Contents of the PA192 set:
  • 1 pr. ROBBE servo-Lock II (servo mounts)

  • 1 pr. GP nylon swivel clevis

  • 1 pr. Du-Bro #112 solder link

  • 1 pr. Du-Bro #172 2-56 threaded rod

  • 6 ea. ROBART #308 steel pin hinge point

  • 4 ea. 5 x 15 x 200 mm balsa

  • 1 ea. 40 mm hardwood dowel

  • 1 ea. Set of CNC cut plywood parts

PA193 12 V cooling fan assembly for Turbine F-15


The F-15 cooling fan assembly gives a "no worry" post shutdown cooling of the inside of the model by forcing an airflow through the ducting system. It will evacuate any heat and hot vapors which accumulate after shutdown thus preventing heat damage to the epoxy ducting and improving the cooling of the turbine. It is operated from your regular12V supply. The operation is very simple: insert the assembly into the air intakes immediately following regular shutdown and connect the leads to a 12V supply. Let it run for 5 minutes. The kit has all the parts necessary for a ready to run assembly. Connectors are banana plugs (12V source not supplied).

Contents of the PA193 set:
  • 2 ea. 80 x 80 x 25 mm 12V cooling fan

  • 1 ea. 6 mm plywood bridge

  • 4 ea. 4 mm bolt

  • 4 ea. 4 mm nut

  • 8 ea. 4 mm washer

  • 2 ea. nylon tiewrap

  • 1 ea. self adhesive foam 200 x 25 x 5 mm

  • 1 ea. wire lead

  • 1 ea. banana plug red

  • 1 ea. banana plug black

  • 1 ea. 4 mm heat shrink tubing

  • 1 ea. 8 mm heat shrink tubing

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