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F-16 airworthyness directive 1:

main former upgrade

(All new kits include this main former upgrade)



The following information was sent out to all known e-mail addresses of F-16 customers. If you have not received an e-mail from us , please contact us as soon as possible with your delivery address so we can send out the upgrade kit to you!

The structural upgrade kit is sent out free of charge to all our F-16 customers.


Please be informed that the main fuselage former requires additional reinforcement. In normal operation, the former is up to its task, but in a heavy stress situation like extreme high G maneuvres, a failure can occur, ripping off one or two wings with a potentially disastrous outcome.

The installation of this main former structural upgrade kit is necessary to avoid any problems when executing high G maneuvres. Without this upgrade, an undetected crack following a hard landing could weaken the former in the concerned area (the lower corner where the wing blending makes a 90 degree bend into the fuselage). We therefore urge you to install this essential structural upgrade which triples the weak spot strength of the main former.

The upgrade kit reinforces two areas:

  1. The main former in the corner area right below the wing adapters.
  2. The bridge closing the main former.

One afternoon is all that is required to install this upgrade.

F-16 main former upgrade kit



F-16 airworthyness directive 2:

flying with external stores


We recommend to exercise caution when flying with any wing mounted F-16 external stores as they put extra strain on the wings. A scale routine can safely be flown but do not attempt any high speed runs with these!

This is especially true for flights with any of the "Smokewinders" (from the PA435 set) or any of the Sidewinder missiles (from the PA430 set) installed on either the wing tip or underwing missile rails! We are not sure but it is possible that these missiles trigger a brutal wing tip flutter when flying at high speeds causing a subsequent failure of the wing. As we don't want to take any risk, we recommend to install these missiles mainly for static purposes and to exercise caution when flying with these.

We also recommend to exercise caution when flying with any other wing mounted F-16 external stores. There are just too many variables in building techniques which could result in undesired effects and it's better to be safe than sorry!



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