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F-16 scale landing gear

No longer available, this page for information only


This scale landing gear set is specially engineered for our F-16 kit and will not fit kits of other makes without major modifications. It uses a highly robust ROBART retract unit with a 105 degree retract angle for the nose unit. The nose gear is further equipped with a custom ROBART oleo leg, while the mains are specially custom designed units using a ROBART air cylinder for retraction. The wheel axles are designed for a drop-in fit of our wheels and brakes set (PA472) which are supplied with this set. All pneumatic support material to operate the gear is also supplied with this set. The correct type of restrictors in the air lines provide realistic retract and extension speeds. Furthermore, the pneumatic support set (PA405) for the gear doors is  included with this set as is the set of scale main wheel hub covers (PA408).


Note: the oleos are fully functional to allow the model to "squat", so be advised that some of the shock absorption action must also come from the wheels and tyres, so please, use only our wheels, tyres and brakes set (PA472) as supplied with the scale gear! These will provide the necessary shock absorption unlike many aftermarket wheels and tyres which are rock solid and do not give any shock absorption whatsoever.


F-16 scale landing gear installed on model and painted in white


F-16 scale landing gear in retracted position


Note that the wheels do not rotate (fixed wheels are far more reliable). This is only possible because the intake duct in our F-16 kit sweeps over the retracted main wheels. Therefore, installations in F-16 models of other manufacturers is not possible without heavy modifications.

The set PA481 contains the following items:
  • PA472 complete set for wheels and brakes
  • PA405 gear doors pneumatic support set
  • PA408 set of scale main wheel hub covers
  • 1 ea. ROBART 105 degree nose retract unit
  • 1 ea. ROBART custom nose oleo leg with nose pivot adapter and axle
  • 2 ea. main strut assemblies (main gear leg, folding strut and shock strut ready assembled)
  • 2 ea. airborne tank
  • 1 ea. filler valve
  • 1 ea. control valve
  • 1 ea. ROBART 5/8" air cylinder with 4 mm link
  • 1 ea. main gear pivot assembly
  • 2 ea. shock strut attach point
  • 1 ea. right hand main pivot hinge
  • 1 ea. left hand main pivot hinge
  • 1 ea. front pivot
  • CNC cut plywood parts
  • CNC cut FGB (fibreglass board) parts
  • 2 ea. carbon shaft 6 mm OD x 250 mm
  • 1 ea. 2 mm wire rod (downlock safety pin)
  • all tubing, "T" fittings, restrictors etc.
  • all screws, nuts, bolts, cable ties etc.
  • 1 ea. manual with photos and drawings
  • 1 ea. full size drawing of main gear with full colour view

A "retrofit" set (PA481RET) is available for people who already own the standard retracts (PA407), the wheels and brakes set (PA472), the pneumatic support set for the gear doors (PA405) and the set of scale main wheel hub covers (PA408). This retrofit set does not include anything of the nose gear. The nose gear from the standard retracts is used.

Scale landing gear retrofitted on Wim Reynders' F-16 (Belgium)

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