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F-16 scale and other accessories

No longer available, this page for information only


AC015 TOP GUN pilot

TOP GUN pilot


This pilot figure is a perfect match for the F-16 standard cockpit deck.

No painting required.


PA410 Decal set 1 (Nato standard nomenclature & BAF 31 SQN)

Waterslide decal set for any NATO standard F-16. Also supplied: Belgian Air Force national insignia and tail art for 31 SQN Kleine Brogel.


F-16 BAF/NATO standard decals (1)F-16 BAF/NATO standard decals (2)

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Nato standard nomenclature & BAF 31 SQN Kleine Brogel


PA410SQ Decal set 2 (Other Belgian AF squadrons, specify choice)

These sets just contain the tail art and numbering as shown, set PA410 is also needed!


F-16 23 sqn-01F-16 23sqn-02

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BAF 23 SQN Kleine Brogel


F-16 1sqn-01F-16 1sqn-02

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BAF 1 SQN Florennes


F-16 2sqn-01F-16 2sqn-02

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BAF 2 SQN Florennes


PA410NS Paint mask & decal set NSAWC

Set of computer cut paint masks and waterslide decal set for a NSAWC F-16A.

A photograph of the full size can be found here.


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paint masks

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PA410TB Paint mask & decal set "Thunderbirds"

Complete set of computer cut paint masks for the complete colour scheme and most of the markings on the Thunderbirds F-16A. The more detailed markings (array of flags, Thunderbird tail logo, pilots' nametags and aircraft numbers on intake sides) are supplied on waterslide decal. Please mention your preference for a specific tail number when ordering.

This set allows you to accurately position and mask off the intricate Thunderbirds colour scheme. A full size positioning plan is also included in the set.


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PA425 Resin cast detail set 1 (6 pcs. pitot tube and air data probes)


PA426 Resin cast detail set 2 (6 pcs. antennae)


PA427 Resin cast detail set 3 (15 pcs. static dischargers)


Set of 15 ea. resin cast supports for the static dischargers on stabs, fin and wings. Some flexible wire to complete these is also included.


PA428 Resin cast detail set 4 (inside nozzle flap detail)


This set contains 5 ea. inside nozzle flap detail sections (only 1 shown on top picture) with 3 nozzle petals each. When put together, they form the complete 15 petal inside nozzle. This assembly is then inserted into the standard F-16 nozzle of which anything between the outside petals has been filed away, to obtain a most realistic exhaust nozzle. See photographs of a completed nozzle above (PA429 was used to paint the outside nozzle flaps on the lower photo).


PA429 Outside nozzle flap paint mask set


The F-16 exhaust nozzle is a challenge to render realistically. The different colour tones of the heated and burned stainless steel can be reproduced with a delicate airbrush touch. The paint masks allow you to do the darker shade on the nozzle lids and the "NO PUSH" and "NO STEP" markings.


PA*** Full cockpit detail kit  (not yet available)

PA*** Scale full body pilot (unpainted)  (not yet available)

PA449 12 V cooling fan assembly for Turbine F-16

The F-16 cooling fan assembly gives a "no worry" post shutdown cooling by forcing an airflow through the ducting system. It will evacuate any heat and hot vapors which accumulate after shutdown thus preventing heat damage to the epoxy ducting. It is operated from your regular 12V supply. The operation is very simple: hang the assembly onto the air intake lip immediately following regular shutdown and connect the leads to the 12V supply. Let it run for 5 minutes.


Contents of the PA449 set:

  • 2 ea. 80 x 80 x 25 mm 12V cooling fan unit
  • 1 ea. CNC cut 6 mm plywood support
  • 6 ea. 3.9 x 9,5 mm Philips screw
  • 2 ea. Nylon tiewrap
  • 1 ea. 1,5 m length of wire lead
  • 1 ea. Banana plug red
  • 1 ea. Banana plug black
  • 1 ea. 40 mm length of 4 mm heat shrink tubing
  • 1 ea. 40 mm length of 8 mm heat shrink tubing
  • 1 ea. Instructions


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