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F-16 standard landing gear

No longer available, this page for information only


PA407 F-16 complete standard retracts set

This set is specially engineered for our F-16 kit. It was not intended to be a truly scale landing gear, instead it was designed as a practical and economical landing gear, while still retaining very realistic looks.  Scale purists can choose the alternative F-16 scale landing gear (PA481).
This set presented here uses the highly robust ROBART retract units with a 100 degree retract angle for the mains and a 105 degree retract angle for the nose unit. The nose gear is further equipped with a custom ROBART oleo leg, while the mains make use of ¼" (6.4 mm) piano wire legs with a ½" adapter at the top and a 3/16" wheel axle adapter at the bottom. The main wire struts are dressed up with integrally resin cast "oleo" strut covers for a more realism. The axle adapters are designed for a drop-in fit of our wheels and brakes set (PA171 or PA172) with HD tyres (PA173). All pneumatic support material to operate the gear is supplied with this set. The correct type of restrictors in the air lines provide realistic retract and extension speeds. We recommend the use of the optional pneumatic support set for operating gear doors (PA405) for more realism and better performance.
You may wonder why the mains are not equipped with real oleo struts. The answer is simple: oleos don’t work at the extreme angles the F-16 main gear is spread. Instead we have chosen for heavy duty ¼" piano wire, giving enough support for even heavy F-16 models, and at the same time providing just the right amount of spring action. These struts are also much better than oleos in crosswind conditions. Be advised that most of the shock absorption action must come from the wheels and tyres, so please, use only our wheels and brakes sets (PA171 or PA172) and our HD tyres (PA173) (or else the standard Robart 3 ½" wheels supplied with the F-16 kit). These will provide the necessary shock absorption unlike many aftermarket wheels and tyres which are rock solid and do not give any shock absorption whatsoever.
F-16 standard retracts
The set PA407 contains the following items:
  • 1 ea. ROBART 105 degree nose retract unit

  • 2 ea. ROBART 100 degree main retract unit

  • 1 ea. ROBART custom nose oleo leg, pivot adapter and axle

  • 2 ea. ¼" main piano wire strut with adapters and integrally resin cast "oleo" type strut covers

  • 2 ea. airborne tank

  • 1 ea. filler valve

  • 1 ea. control valve

  • all tubing, "T" fittings, restrictors etc.

  • 1 ea. manual with photos and drawings

PA405 Pneumatic support set for operating gear doors

This pneumatic support set is specially engineered for our F-16 kit. It is intended to make the gear doors operate in a realistic and reliable way. The set uses BVM air cylinders to actuate each of the three gear doors. A BVM air micro switch signals the doors to close after the gear is retracted. Two types of restrictors and an adjustable wheel collar, all strategically placed in the air pressure lines, assure a correct sequence and a realistic up and down cycle timing.

F-16 door pneumatic support set
The set PA405 contains the following items:
  • 2 ea. BVM air cylinder (main doors)

  • 1 ea. BVM custom air cylinder (nose door)

  • 1 ea. BVM air micro switch

  • all tubing, "T" fittings, restrictors, door stops etc.

  • 1 ea. Manual with photos and drawings

PA472 F-16  wheels & brakes set (including all pneumatics)

This set with aluminium main wheels and tyres, nose wheel and brakes is specially engineered for our F-16 kits although they will fit any landing gear with 3/16" (4.8 mm) wheel axles. A complete separate (from the retracts) air system is used. A leak in the brake system tends to happen more often than in the retract system.  With this separate air system, the retracts are not affected and it's always better to land without brakes than without landing gear!

Note: the brake hubs are manufactured by Bob Violett Models (BVM) in the USA and are patented. We then modify the anti rotation protrusions on the BVM brake hubs to fit our scale struts and to allow the fitting of the scale brake hub covers (PA508).

We don’t think a proportional brake valve is needed to actuate the brakes, on the contrary. We prefer to use an "all or nothing" air micro switch valve and a predetermined pressure in the separate air tank to obtain maximum effective braking action without locking up the wheels. This way, we can adjust the servo actuating the valve to get maximum braking action with a very small amount of "down" elevator stick travel. This also avoids "lifting" of the tail due to excessive "down".

PA472 wheels and brakes package

PA173 Pair of heavy duty replacement tyres for PA472

Heavy duty 3 1/2 inch tyre

Pair of 3 ½" heavy duty tyres as included in set PA472 shown above. Made from pure, thick walled rubber so they will not flatten from model weight (if not left on its wheels for any longer than a few days). On the other hand, this allows the tyres to give plenty shock absorption unlike many aftermarket tyres which are rock solid and do not give any shock absorption whatsoever.


PA408 Scale main wheel hub covers (resin cast)

F-16 wheel hub cover

This set consists of a pair of scale resin cast main wheel hub covers and instructions. They are a perfect fit to our aluminium wheels and brakes set of PA472. These hubs reflect only one style of full scale F-16 wheels. Be advised that different styles have been used throughout the extensive F-16 fleet worldwide.

F-16 price list

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