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Rafale A scale options

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PA225 instrument panel

Resin cast instrument panel (CRT display) to dress up the cockpit of the Rafale A. A printed sheet to represent the displays is also included

PA226 ejection seat

Vacform and resin cast kit for a full Martin Baker ejection seat. You will need to construct a cockpit tub to accomodate this seat.

PA228 sensor probes

6 ea. white metal cast AOA vanes and pressure probes

AC031 1/9 scale full body pilot

This 1/9 scale pilot is a perfect match to the Rafale. It is a full body pilot, so you'll have to cut off the lower part or make a full cockpit tub (and install the ejection seat PA226). It represents a French style helmet. Requires painting.

PA210 waterslide decal set

This set contains 1 2/3 ea. A4 size waterslide decal sheets, allowing you to finish your Rafale A in the original "demonstrator" red, white and blue colour scheme.

PA242 rudder installation kit

Rafale rudder plan

Although a rudder on our RAFALE A model is not necessary, we have designed a simple rudder installation kit to satisfy our US customers who have to comply with the AMA turbine regulations in force since January 1, 2001. The kit is primarily intended to supplement an RAFALE A kit still to be built. Retrofitting is somewhat more difficult but certainly feasible. Suitable servos are the typical wing servos such as FUTABA S3002, S135, S9601, GRAUPNER C3031, C3041, C3241, C3728, C3328 and JR 3121. Any of these servos will do fine.

Contents of the PA242 set:
  • 1 ea. ROBBE servo-Lock II

  • 1 ea. Rocket City #69 swivel link

  • 1 ea. Du-Bro #112 solder link

  • 1 ea. Du-Bro #172 2-56 threaded rod

  • 4 ea. ROBART #308 steel pin hinge point

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Rafale A landing gearRafale A scale options

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