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Rafale A landing gear

RB520 ROBART 520W1 retracts

A standard set of ROBART 520W1 retracts is used in the Rafale A. These retracts come with piano wire main struts. We recommend to install the Rafale nose oleo strut PA206 for the nose gear and to dress up the wire struts on the mains with the ROBART strut covers RB103. A matching set of wheels and brakes can be ordered under PA272.

Please note that oleo struts on the mains are not recommended because of the narrow track and strut angle. All the pneumatics to operate this gear is included.


RB520 retracts


PA206 Rafale nose oleo strut

This fork type nose oleo strut is precision CNC machined from bar stock.

RB103 ROBART main strut cover set

Set of plastic main strut covers to dress up the piano wire main struts.

PA205 Rafale gear doors set

Complete set  for operating gear doors on the Rafale. Be advised that these doors are not true scale. They have been simplified for ease of set up and maintenance. The doors improve the aerodynamics and the looks of the model.

gear down - gear up
Contents of the PA205 set:
  • 2 ea. Epoxy glass nose gear door

  • 1 ea. Epoxy glass left main gear door

  • 1 ea. Epoxy glass right main gear door

  • 12 ea. Offset door hinges

  • 1 ea. Large airborne air tank

  • 1 ea. ROBART 4 way valve

  • 1 ea. BVM 5-way junction block

  • 1 ea. BVM actuating trigger valve

  • 2 ea. BVM 2" cylinder (long)

  • 2 ea. BVM 1 5/8" cylinder (short)

  • 1 ea. Colour coded pressure tubing, T-fittings and restrictors

  • 1 ea. Set of CNC cut ply parts

  • 1 ea. Strip of .015" poly ply

  • 1 ea. Set of drawings and instructions

PA272 Rafale A alu main wheels and brakes set

This set with aluminium main wheels, tyres, nose wheel and brakes is specially engineered for our Rafale kits although they will fit any landing gear with 5/32" (4.0 mm) wheel axles. A complete separate (from the retracts) air system is used. A leak in the brake system tends to happen more often than in the retract system.  With this separate air system, the retracts are not affected and it's always better to land without brakes than without landing gear!

Note: the brake hubs are manufactured by ROBART in the USA

We donít think a proportional brake valve is needed to actuate the brakes, on the contrary. We prefer to use an "all or nothing" air micro switch valve and a predetermined pressure in the separate air tank to obtain maximum effective braking action without locking up the wheels. This way, we can adjust the servo actuating the valve to get maximum braking action with a very small amount of "down" elevator stick travel. This also avoids "lifting" of the tail due to excessive "down".


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Rafale A landing gearRafale A scale options

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