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No longer available, this page for information only


PA609 Airbrakes kit


The airbrakes are very characteristic on the Fouga Magister. They deploy from above and below the wings, somewhat similar to glider airbrakes. Each wing has 3 airbrakes on the top and 3 airbrakes on the bottom. They rotate in a synchronised matter.

Fouga Magister prototype with airbrakes deployed

Our PA609 kit faithfully reproduces the looks and the deployment mode of the full size. It contains the 12 airbrakes CNC machined from duraluminium (full size are cast aluminium). Each airbrake weighs only 7 grammes and the exact shape of the full size is minutely reproduced.

the top row shows the aft facing side of the airbrakes, the bottom row show the forward facing side

The airbrakes are modular, this means that each airbrake box is assembled outside of the wing and installed as a unit. All that is left is to connect it to the servo inside the wing. The whole unit can be removed from the wing in a matter of seconds.

modular airbrake box (here shown with airbrakes already painted)

We use a "servo go slow" unit from EMS/Jomar (USA) to slow down both the extension and retraction speeds to a realistic 3 seconds, but this can also be programmed on most modern transmitters. As it is modular, the airbrakes kit can be retrofitted to an already built wing.


contents of the airbrake kit PA609


       Description of the kit contents:

  • 12 ea. CNC machined duraluminium airbrakes
  • 1.5 mm CNC cut FGB parts
  • 0,5 mm CNC cut FGB parts
  • 3mm CNC cut Plywood parts
  • 3 mm CNC cut balsa parts
  • all necessary screws and linkages

PA620 set of 3D printed airframe resin cast scale details

This set consists of 3D printed scale details. First it contains landing gear details like wheel hub covers for main, nose and tail wheels, brake disc assembly, brake hub covers and nose strut details. Further, there are a lot of cockpit interior details, like the interior periscope, switches, circuit breakers, light bulbs, landing gear lever assemblies, fuel cocks, canopy locking handles,  parking brake handle, throttle handles, seat belt buckles and many more details.


main wheel hub inner cover

main wheel hub outer cover


brake assembly hub covers (L and R shown)

brake disc assembly


nose wheel hub covers (L and R shown)

tail wheel hub covers (L and R shown)


nose strut detail #1

nose strut detail #2


main wheel palettes

cockpit details (switches, light bulbs, circuit breakers, fuel cock handles, throttle handles)


interior periscope with integral G-meter

cockpit details (gear select levers, instrument warning panels, fuel quantity gauge etc.)



canopy lock levers


cockpit details (seat belt buckles, switches, light bulbs etc.)



Below is shown how the wheels look like after finishing


finished main wheel hub inner cover

finished main wheel hub outer side mounted on strut with brake assembly mounted

Stick grips below are also included in set PA620


As shown above, the conrol stick grips are included as well. These are not 3D printed, but are cast in resin.  We first made a 3D scan of an original control stick (kindly loaned by Tine Soetaert). With the scan data, we could accurately reproduce the stick in two halves to the correct scale with our CNC milling machine. From there, we made a mould to reproduce these in cast resin.


original control stick and CNC cut moulds


PA614 Cockpit interior kit


This set contains all the CNC cut wood parts for the cockpit tub, instrument panels and pilot seats, the CNC cut plastic parts to construct the side consoles, the instrument panels, the pedals, the seat strap buckles, the fuel cock levers etc. The cockpit floor is made from a foam and paper sandwich. Instrument dials printed on clear sheet are also included and finally, a bag of 50 small magnets allowing you to install all cockpit interior elements in a modular way. This means that all the cockpit elements can be removed in less than 5 minutes to allow access to the inside of the model for maintenance: very handy!


CNC cut balsa and plywood parts

CNC cut polystyrene parts


instrument dials sheet and cockpit floor sandwich sheet

this picture shows the modular build up of the side consoles and the cockpit floor (all held with magnets)



Below are some pictures of how some cockpit elements looks like when finished with elements from both sets PA614 and PA620


finished periscope with integral G-meter

seat with straps


modular front instrument panel

modular aft instrument panel


side console with throttle handle

canopy locking lever


PA615 Waterslide decal set MT-48 solo display

        sheet #1                               sheet #2                                sheet #3          

images are not clickable for copyright reasons

This set contains 2 ea. 210 x 297 mm and 1 ea. 210 x 42 mm waterslide decal sheets. Sheets #1 and #2 are printed on white decal film, sheet #3 on clear decal film. The set allows you to finish your Fouga Magister with all the markings of the Belgian Air Force MT-48 solo display aircraft as flown during the 2002-2005 airshow seasons. During that period, some minor changes were made but the set covers those variations. The demo colour scheme is almost identical to the one used on the Fougas of the Red Devils BAF aerobatic team between 1965 and 1977.

The correct Federal Standard colour codes for this version are:

  • Black: FS 17038

  • Yellow: FS 13538

  • Red: FS11105

  • White FS 17875

In 2002 and 2003, the solo display pilot Paul Rorive (who happens to be an RC modeler himself) was ranked Major (Maj), so the crew markings reflect this. As he promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel (LtCol) entering the 2004 season, the marking for the pilot name was adjusted (using a different font).

full size MT-48 (photo Wim Houquet)

As a bonus, the decal set includes both the 2004 and 2005 official BAF leaflets with numerous colour photographs of the MT-48. These leaflets were distributed during the airshow presentations for public relations purposes. LtCol (Ret) Paul Rorive kindly donated a surplus stack of these leaflets. Thank you Paul for all the help you gave me!

official 2004 and 2005 Fouga solo display leaflets included

Note: the decals are printed with a high quality laser printer which unfortunately cannot print white, so we use a trick to create the white lettering. A small area of the surrounding colour is printed on white decal sheet, leaving the lettering blank. The disadvantage is that the surrounding colour will not match the paint on the model 100%. This is acceptable for most modellers but the purist will want a better solution. That's why we also offer all the lettering as vinyl cut sets.


PA616 Vinyl lettering set upgrade MT-48 solo display


This upgrade set includes all white and black lettering, precision computer cut from self adhesive vinyl. It covers all the crew names (with both versions of the pilot's name) and all the MT-48 lettering. The vinyl is very thin: only 0,04 mm and fully opaque, so the result is truly professional and authentic. The lettering on the full size was done the same way.


sample of vinyl lettering on a testpiece red background


complete set PA616 of vinyl lettering


PA617 Vinyl insignia set upgrade MT-48 solo display


This upgrade set includes both top wing Belgian roundels, precision computer cut from self adhesive vinyl in the correct colours. The vinyl is very thin: only 0,04 mm and fully opaque, so the result is truly professional and authentic. The roundels on the full size were done the same way. Small corners help to align the different colours.

Note that the red colour is not supplied, as the top of the wing should already be painted red.


complete set PA617 of vinyl roundels


PA618 Combo waterslide and vinyl set MT-48 solo display


This money saving combo set consist of sets PA615 + PA616 + PA617. Note that decal sheet #2 (roundels and MT-48 lettering) of set PA615 is not supplied in this combo as it already contains these in cut vinyl.


PA601 Fouga wing & stab building board

sorry, no longer available

Dimensions approx. 1350 x 350 x 25 mm. Ideal tool for building the Fouga wings and stabs. It is made of balsa wood and offers low resistance against pins on insertion, yet parts are held firmly in place. We include a template on how to cut and glue the board to accommodate a complete Fouga wing panel. One building board is sufficient to build one wing panel at a time, two are required if you desire to build both wings at the same time.

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