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F-104 scale landing gear

No longer available, this page for information only


The kit of the scale landing gear is intended for installation in a new F-104 jet model at the later stages of the construction of the model. It can also be retrofitted on a ready built (and flown) F-104 jet model.

Note: the scale landing gear can only be installed in a Turbine powered F-104, for reasons of internal space.

The advantages of this scale landing gear are obviously the looks, but also the improved ground handling due to a wider track, smooth suspension action and the bigger main wheels. The gear doors operate in a scale manner, including full sequencing.


F-104 production scale gear in extended position

F-104 prototype scale gear in retracted position

This is what you get...

...and this is how it looks on a finished model

The set PA281 contains the following items:
  • 1 ea. epoxy fibreglass belly pan including balsa lined gear doors
  • 1 pr. aluminium main wheels and brakes
  • 1 pr. heavy duty main tyres (PA173)
  • 1 ea. nose wheel
  • 1 pr. scale wheel hub covers
  • 2 ea. BVM 2" cylinder (long)

  • 4 ea. BVM 1 5/8" cylinder (short)

  • 2 ea. BVM actuating trigger valve

  • pair of scale main wheel hub covers
  • 1 ea. Spring Air nose retract unit
  • 1 ea. ROBART custom nose oleo leg with nose pivot adapter and axle
  • 2 ea. main leg assemblies (main gear leg, pivot block and pivoting wheel adapter assembled)
  • 2 ea. airborne tank
  • 2 ea. filler valve
  • 1 ea. Ultra Precison (UP2) full sequencing control valve
  • 1 ea. ROBART 5/8" air cylinder
  • 2 ea. shock struts
  • CNC cut plywood parts
  • CNC cut FGB (fibreglass board) parts
  • all tubing, "T" fittings, restrictors etc.
  • all screws, nuts, bolts, cable ties etc.
  • all drag links etc. for the main wheel rotation
  • 1 ea. manual with photos and drawings

F-104 price list

F-104G landing gearF-104 scale landing gearF-104G scale options

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